ATTENTION: Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) emergency, the Zendo will be closed until further notice. However, we are offering Online Zazen and Dharma Talks on Tuesday evenings, open to all. We invite you to join us. Also, there are free Audio Dharma Talks available under the Talks/Publications link above. May they support you and offer direction during these difficult days. Let us practice through this challenging time of not-knowing with compassion for ourselves and all beings.

Still Mind Zendo is a Zen meditation center in New York City. Formed in 1994, our Zendo emphasizes the practice of zazen (sitting meditation) and the teaching of practical Zen tools, including mindfulness training, to help people develop a still mind as the necessary path to awakening. We offer encouragement and support to newcomers to Zen, and welcome people from all walks of life and all religious or non-religious backgrounds.