The word Ango means "peaceful dwelling." At Still Mind Zendo, it is an intensive six-week practice period offered to foster deeper commitment to practice and study. It is based on the annual summer gatherings of the Buddha's original monastic community. We hold it every winter.

Ango is open only to Still Mind members. For a lay community such as ours, in which Zen practitioners must continue living in the world, Ango offers particular challenge and opportunity.

Those who wish to participate in Ango can commit to various ways they can deepen their practice in three areas: zazen, dharma study, and Zen-in-life practice. The weekly study evenings, led by one of our teachers with a senior student assisting, are held on Thursdays and are devoted to exploring a classic Zen text or sutra. Past studies have examined works by Dogen, Hui-neng, Lin-chi, and various Buddist sutras.

Ango in 2024 will take place Tuesday, January 9–Tuesday, February 20. Ango is open to SMZ members only. (There is no regular sitting on Thursdays during the six weeks of Ango).

Cost: $100

Information about signing up for Ango is sent to members in early Winter.