All-Day Silent Retreat (Zazenkai)

All-Day Silent Retreat Zazenkai

All-day silent retreat (zazenkai) is an opportunity for Zen practitioners to deepen their practice by meditating (sitting) for an extended period of time over a whole day. There is walking meditation in between the seated sessions, as well as brief chanting and a dharma talk by one of our teachers. Daisan, a private meeting with a teacher, is optional for all who attend, whether a member or not.

Non-members and those who don't ordinarily sit with use are welcome. However, there is no Intro to Zen component at our zazenkai; those who attend should have some previous sitting experience. If you are not sure about your readiness, please call or email us.

Please note that without advance registration, entry to the zazenkai is not possible.

Zazenkai dates 2023–2024:
September 16, October 7, January 13, March 16, May 4

Time: 9 am–5:30 pm

Cost: $25 for members; $40 for non-members, payable at the door by cash or check

Advance registration required: Please fill out this form to let us know you are coming. Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is no longer required.

The day consists of four blocks of zazen (seated meditation) with kin-hin (walking meditation) in between, along with a dharma talk and a short chanting service. A meeting with a teacher is available for all who attend, and ample time is offered for breaks, rest, and being outside. Coffee, tea, and snacks are served; please bring your lunch.


8:15 am: Sign in (coffee/tea available)
9:00 am: Opening Words of Encouragement, 3 periods of zazen/kin-hin (walking meditation)
10:35 am: Break
11:00 am: Dharma Talk, 2 periods of zazen/kin-hin, Sutra chanting
12:45 pm: Lunch/rest in zendo if you wish (please bring your lunch)
2:00 pm: 3 periods of zazen/kin-hin
3:35 pm: Break
4:00 pm: 2 periods zazen, Closing chants /Short Work Practice
5:30 pm Close