Weekend Silence-in-the-City

enzo on wallOur annual sesshin-in-the-city is an opportunity for Zen practitioners to deepen their practice by sitting at the zendo for an extended period of time over a weekend. It generally follows the schedule of our weekend retreat at Garrison Institute except that practitioners go home in the evening, remaining in silence as much as possible.

Non-members and those who do not normally sit with us are welcome. There is no Zen for Beginners component at this sesshin, so participants need to have some prior Zen experience. Daisan (private meeting with a teacher) is available to all participants whether member or not. Cushions, sitting benches, and mats are provided. Oryoki (a formal vegetarian meal in the zendo) is offered for the evening meal on Saturday. Participants are asked to bring their lunch that day. Tea & coffee and fruit are available.

A general schedule is below. If you feel that it fits the level of your practice, we invite you to join us. Please call or email if you have any questions.

Dates: April 10 – 11, 2015
Held at Still Mind Zendo in New York City

Cost: $35 for members, $50 for nonmembers (payable at the door).
Registration Deadline: Thursday, April 9

To Register for the Sesshin-In-the-City please sign up at
the zendo, call us at 212-414-3128, or send an e-mail.

General Schedule:

Friday Evening
- 6:15 pm: Registration (newcomers to our zendo should arrive early to get oriented)
– 6:55 pm: Three 25-minute periods of zazen & walking meditation
– 9:00 pm: Closing chants

- 8:00 am: Three 25-minute periods of zazen & walking meditation (daisan offered)
– Break
– Dharma talk
– Zazen/chanting service
– Lunch (bring you own lunch)
– Break/rest
– Three 25-minute periods of zazen/walking meditation (daisan offered)
– Break
– Three 25-minute periods of zazen/walking meditation (daisan offered)
– Meal in the zendo/walking meditation (modified oryoki)
– Short break
– Three 25-minute periods of zazen/walking meditation