Rohatsu is the annual commemoration of the Buddha's Awakening. It is marked on December 8th by Zen communities around the world and is the most important day of the Zen calendar year.

We celebrate Rohatsu at Still Mind Zendo with a Rohatsu Practice Period that begins on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. During this time, practitioners are encouraged to extend zazen times, to attend the zendo as often as possible and, in general, to raise awareness about their practice. In addition, short teachings of the Buddha are sent to members daily from our teachers and the zendo is decorated in a special way to make us aware of the importance of this time.

We hold our Rohatsu All-Day Silent Retreat from 8 am to 8:45 pm on the Saturday closest to December 8th.

  • 8 am to 8:45 pm
  • $25 for members; $40 for non-members; payable at the door
  • To register: Sign up at the zendo or call 212-414-3128

On the last Tuesday of Rohatsu, we come together for a celebration to which friends and family are invited.

Schedule of Events for 2017:

  • Saturday, December 9: Rohatsu All Day Silent Retreat (more information below)
  • Tuesday, December 12, 7 pm: Rohatsu celebration - no zazen (more information below)
  • Tuesday, November 28 and Tuesday, December 5: 7 pm zazen and dharma talk
  • Thursday, Novemeber 30 and Thursday, December 7: 7 pm zazen with Zen Council
  • Thursday and Fridays mornings, 7:30 am - 8:30 am: Morning zazen

Saturday, December 9:  Rohatsu All Day Silent Retreat

7:15 am Doors open
7:45 am Ringing of the 108 bells
8:00 am Zazen/kin-hin period
9:50 am Break
10:10 am Dharma Talk
Sutra chanting incensing ceremony White Plum lineage chanted
12:00 am Lunch (please bring your own lunch)
1:15 pm 5:00pm: 2 periods of zazen/kin-hin with break in between
5:00 pm Evening meal in the zendo (vegetarian meal provided)
Rest period
6:45 pm Zazen/kin-hin period
8:25 pm Work Practice
8:45 pm Close

Tuesday, December 12, 7 pm: Rohatsu Celebration (guests welcome)

  • One period of zazen
  • Incensing ceremony
  • Chanting of the White Plum Ancestors Lineage
  • Celebration