All Day Sitting (Zazenkai)

meditation cushions

All-day sitting is an opportunity for Zen practitioners to deepen their practice by sitting for an extended period of time over the course of an entire day.

Non-members and those who do not ordinarily sit with us are welcome, although there is no Zen for Beginners component at our zazenkai; those who attend should have had some previous sitting experience. Daisan, or a private meeting with one of our teachers, is open to all who attend, whether a member or not. If you are not sure about your readiness, please call or email us.

Zazenaki dates 2014-2015:
September 13; October 18; December 6 (Rohatsu); January 10; March 7; May 9

Suggested donation:  $25 members, $40 non-members

Registration: Call Still Mind Zendo (212-414-3128) or sign up at the Zendo.

What to bring: Zabutons (mats), zafus (cushions), seiza benches, and chairs are provided. Simple refreshments are available all day and a vegetarian lunch is served in a simple oryoki style. Bring your lunch on extended zazenkai days (dinner provided).

- 8:15-8:30 am: Registration and orientation for newcomers (7:40 – 7:55 am for Rohatsu Zazenkai)
– 3 25-minute periods of sitting with walking meditation in between (daisan offered)
– Break
– Dharma talk
– Chanting service
– Modified oryoki (meal in the zendo)
– Rest period of 1 hour
– Optional 15 minutes of qi-gong
– 3 25-minute sitting periods (daisan offered)
– Break
– 3 25-minute sitting periods (daisan offered)
– 20-minute work practice
– 5:45 pm: Close