Where to Purchase Zafus/Seiza Benches

Zafus and seiza benches are available for your use and can be found in the zafu closet.

Please only take those marked SMZ. The others belong to sangha members. Eventually, you are encouraged to bring your own zafu or bench, leaving it in the closet with the others. If you do this, please speak to the jitsu about putting your name on it. We have catalogs for Carolina Morning Designs located on the front table
(1-888-267-5366 or www.zafu.net.)

Other links below.

Carolina Morning Designs
Zafus, zabutons etc

more zafus, zabutons, incense etc.

Samadhi Cushions
and yet more meditation supplies

Triple Tell Timer by Shake Awake
A silent timer we recommend for timing your sitting at home