Workshop: Rumi and Zen

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RumiOur zendo has been rented to Sensei Al Rapaport for the following workshop on Wed., Sept. 11. Because it is related to Zen, we thought it would be of interest to friends and members of SMZ:

Although Jelaluddin Rumi died almost 800 years ago, he is today the most popular poet in America.  In this workshop we will go in depth into selected poems by Rumi, and see just how broad his spiritual experience and expression are. Through discussion and meditation we’ll examine the parallels between Rumi’s work and Zen teaching, and how wisdom poetry can inform our meditation and relationships. Bring your favorite Rumi poem for discussion!

Sensei Al Rapaport is an authorized Zen Teacher and Voice Dialogue Faciliator who has worked with Rumi’s poems for over 3 decades. He is Director of Open Mind Zen Meditation Center in Melbourne, FL.

Time: 7 to 9 pm, Wednesday, Sept. 11th, 2013

Where/When: Still Mind Zendo, 37 W. 17th  St, #6W, NYC 10011

Cost: $25. SMZ members $20. For more information or to register, email or call (321) 427-3511.

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