Our teachers attend Lay Zen Teachers Association meeting

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Sensei Janet and Sensei Gregory recently attended the annual meeting of the Lay Zen Teachers Association (LZTA), held this year at the Garrison Institute.

The association is 60-member group of Western Zen teachers from all lineages who, for one reason or another, have decided not to become a priest. The LZTA was formed four years ago, and this was its 4th annual meeting.

More than one-third of the LZTA membership attended the weekend meeting, where sessions focused on practical issues related to running a sangha, ways to strengthen the teacher-student relationship, how to avoid burnout, and the sharing of new translations of ancient texts and chants. Each morning began with an extended period of zazen, and a great deal of sharing and networking was done over meals.

Our senseis report that the meeting was very supportive and that LZTA members are looking forward to future collaboration and strengthening lay Zen practice in America.

If you’d like to read the LZTA mission statement, see the association’s website.  Please note that the Teacher Listing is in the process of being developed and does not reflect the 60 or so current members.

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